The Sun. The sea blue, green, turquoise. The landscape in shades of earth-color. Green olive trees. White trullis. People with heart and joy of life. Wine. Right in the middle: Franco Intini. And so we are.


The story of Franco Intini, whose father lived according to the motto "Only the best for the family" drives us to Puglia. Here, at the southern end of Italy, we shoot people, Franco, family and wine for 7 days. Franco is the face of Vintini. And we give the Italian way of life a cinematic face. Emotionally. Appealing. Who wouldn't want to go straight to Italy to taste Franco's wines?


Franco owns a treasure. A product that appeals to people. And a world full of naturally beautiful sets. Perfect to whet the world's appetite for Vintini wines. From Film-making Lovers to Wine Lovers.


What treasure are you guarding? Enjoy the Vintini film on YouTube.