STM Waterjet - Customer Success Stories

What could be more convincing for potential new customers than a positive critique from a regular customer who tells about his or her successful collaboration with you?


In short, a testimonial.


We've turned up Customer Stories from all around Europe, exciting tales told by interesting people which we never would have expected. For instance about waterjet cutting.

For StM Stein-Moser GmbH (, a leading international provider of waterjet cutters, the Customer Story format worked so well that we are planning the fifth production for them. When asked, new customers said that authenticity was key to making the decision to contact StM. The array of testimonials gives potential new customers ideas for how to use the StM cutter. Inquiries come from different sectors. A waterjet cutter will cut almost anything imaginable. And with StM technology, the cut is precise and reliable.


For StM and their customers the Customer Stories are a 100% win-win situation. Because the trust is mutual. And it's a thrill for us to be able to play the fly on the wall with a camera at one the most innovative companies in Europe.