Recruiting Film GeVau Gartenbauversicherung

Every company is looking for outstanding employees. And they need to be convinced. Anyone who has ever changed jobs knows that honesty is the best policy.

What counts in the war for talents? Authenticity. It sounds inflationary, but that's what it's all about today. Giving an honest insight. No one leaves faster than a disappointed newcomer. Closeness, identification potential, a direct address at eye level, the collegial insight and the experience report of credible employee testimonials enable this honest, human insight into your company. Recruiting film is meant to show who and what you are. The What-you-want-to-be is a different genre.

Film creates an emotional impact. Always. It doesn't have to be overly intoned at all, nor should it. If it's all genuine, the right feeling sets in all by itself and awakens desire in the potential applicant for the employer of choice. That is you.

Recruiting film is simple, fast and to the point. If this short emotional moment works, the applicant is also open to details, which m/f/d then also willingly elaborates in text form. And: Film works everywhere. At the bus stop, in the subway, during the break. The smartphone is always at hand anyway. And well-made film is easy fare. Here, the contact hurdle is much lower than on an impersonal website-text-with-bullet-points desert.

Recruit new staff with real employees. Works with us. Because we have coaching and strategic consulting in our portfolio. We show you what your staff is capable of in front of the camera.

By the way, recruiting films are often underestimated in the media communication of companies. After all, all the shots taken can be used in other media and channels. Many have beautiful pictures of products, plants, machines, and offices. Only very few have authentic pictures of people.

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