An evening with Kings & Queens

Enjoying with all your senses. Having a good time. Letting others have a really good time. Food and drinks play a key role for that experience, which already begins with the ingredients selection.


Moving images awaken all the senses. No other medium stimulates the interaction of the senses so strongly. Our production for Kings & Queens, a small but all the more exquisite restaurant in Schweinfurt, Franconia, proves this. The love for the ingredients, the sophistication in the design of fine arrangements as a tribute to pleasure, the eager anticipation for the feedback of the courted guests. When you see the pictures, you feel with the scene. You smell it. You feel it on your tongue. You taste it. The desire is awakened.


Cuisine chefs, patissiers, bartenders, restaurateurs, caterers, winemakers, brewers, distillers and the producers of all the beautiful ingredients. Those who practice their craft wholeheartedly deliver the most beautiful images and take their audience on a journey of the senses. Can there be a more beautiful advertisement? Experience an enjoyable moment with Kings & Queens on Vimeo.