Continental Aftermarket Image Film 2022

This goes to all the mechanics out there! To the go-getters! Doers! Boys and girls!


It comes from Continental, your partner with the right tools and services to support you and your workshop business in the best possible way. Teamwork. At eye level. Together. Always gets the best results!


For this image film of Continental Aftermarket and Services, we put just as much heart and soul into it as the guys we show in the film. With our concept idea and an already complete draft of the script, we went into the pitch for this project and won hearts. Because that's exactly where it starts and hits. In the heart.

This project shows once again: image film is not dead. It just needs an appealing storyline and a dynamic, entertaining narrative that is tailored to the needs, the characteristics, the essence of the target audience. In the auto repair shop: Real guys with real love for what they do. "And you guys at Continental are just like that," is a succinct way to sum up the film concept. That's why we play with 100% real Continental employees on the Continental side. Because you can explain this heart and soul to an actor, but he won't live it authentically.


Coaching & direction: MILANOFILM. Camera: MILANOFILM. Tech Fact: We shot with our Ronin4D camera system. Currently, this is very hot s***, a small revolution in camera technology with 4-axis stabilization, which allows us to produce quickly and cost-effectively. BUT: Content first! And that's why we are the right partner for this kind of film. MILANOFILM. Because script, camera and direction are aimed at what counts, right from the start. Conveying key messages with credibly beautiful images. Brands, values, promises, emotions. Professionally produced.

Last not least, watch the movie right here: